• Metalworking welding – adding quality to your products

    Metalworking welding is an important metalworking process, which fuses or welds metals of different materials together by high temperature to manufacture various metal products, such as steel components, sheet metal products, metal parts, etc. As a professional metalworking factory with advanced ...
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  • Professional custom high quality stainless steel table stand – the reason you deserve it

    As a professional sheet metal custom fabrication factory, we are committed to providing high quality sheet metal products and services to our customers. Among them, stainless steel table stand is one of our fist products. Stainless steel table stand is a kind of table stand with simple structure,...
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  • Custom Sheet Metal Housing Buying Guide

    Custom Sheet Metal Housing Buying Guide

    Sheet metal steel enclosures are widely used in electrical design. You’ll find them everywhere from junction boxes to control panels for industrial machinery. These enclosures are simple, versatile and extremely rugged, so they are in high demand for electrical projects and are often custom...
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  • Traceless bending technology of sheet metal [illustration].

    Traceless bending technology of sheet metal [illustration].

    Abstract: in the process of sheet metal bending, the traditional bending process is easy to damage the workpiece surface, and the surface in contact with the die will form obvious indentation or scratch, which will affect the beauty of the product. This paper will detail...
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  • Introduction to laser cutting

    Introduction to laser cutting

    1. Special device In order to reduce the change of focal spot size caused by the change of pre focal beam size, the manufacturer of laser cutting system provides some special devices for users to choose: (1) Collimator. This is a common method, that is, a collimator is a...
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  • Introduction to common blanking methods in sheet metal processing

    Introduction to common blanking methods in sheet metal processing

    1. Plate shears: plate shears are the most widely used plate cutting equipment in various industrial departments. Plate shears belong to linear cutting machines, which are mainly used to cut the linear edges of metal plates of various sizes and to cut simple strip materi...
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