Custom Sheet Metal Housing Buying Guide

Sheet metal steel enclosures are widely used in electrical design. You’ll find them everywhere from junction boxes to control panels for industrial machinery. These enclosures are simple, versatile and extremely rugged, so they are in high demand for electrical projects and are often custom made. However, if you’re looking for high-quality, off-the-shelf metal enclosures, you have more options than you might expect.

For those considering purchasing a sheet metal enclosure, Lambert can help. First, let’s learn about the superior advantages that metal enclosures offer. Then, we’ll learn why custom fabrication may not be necessary, and we’ll review the great options Lambert offers for customers who need a metal enclosure.


Advantages of metal housing

Metal housings offer many benefits that other materials do not. In particular, steel and stainless steel housings are known for their many useful properties.

  • Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures
  • Virtually impervious to many common industrial chemicals such as alcohols and solvents
  • Provides excellent splash and hose guide water protection when used with high performance rubber gaskets
  • Highly resistant to impact from tools and machinery
  • Long-lasting and generally durable performance

It is for these reasons that many electrical designers choose to use sheet metal enclosures. To figure out what your needs are, you should first consider some key factors


Post time: Feb-20-2023